Restaurant Program

The Restaurant Program is an extension of our congregate meal site. It allows our COA members to get vouchers or tickets for participating restaurants. This allows our seniors a choice of where they eat, what they eat and when they eat, but more importantly, it gives them the opportunity to eat out – to not eat at home alone. COA members can pick up the tickets or vouchers at our Sturgis Enrichment Center or our Three Rivers Community Center. Tickets can be obtained for a suggested donation of $3.75 per ticket. This program is not only beneficial to our seniors by giving them the opportunity to eat at a restaurant of their choice, but the restaurants also benefit from getting more customers into their establishments. In 2015, the Commission on Aging paid $204,000 to area restaurants for this program.

A complete list of the Restaurant Program guidelines and participating restaurants can be found here.

Lunch at The Centers

Lunch is served Monday through Thursday at our centers in Three Rivers and Sturgis. We offer a choice of a hot or cold meal. On Fridays we offer a buffet lunch at Three Rivers, Sturgis and Klines Resort. We do ask that you call the COA to make your reservation for lunch at least 24 hours in advance. Click here to see our monthly menu for our Noon meal.

Nutrition Resources

The COA Nutrition Department is committed to offering seniors special events, programs and activities throughout the year. On this page you will find information about these events. They also will be listed on our monthly calendar.

Nutrition Resources